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Eco Pull Ups

Bambo Nature Junior Training PantsCase of 5
Bambo Nature Junior Training Pants
Case of 5

Bambo Nature XL Training PantsCase of 5
Bambo Nature XL Training Pants
Case of 5

Bambo Pull Up Training Pants

Eco-friendly - Bambo Pull Up Training Pants are developed with concern about the impact on the environment of the product throughout its entire life cycle. Bambo Pull Up Training Pants use biodegradable absorbant fluff from trees from sustainable forests; carbon neutral.

Excellent for babies with sensitive skin - Bambo Training Pants are made with:

NO optical whiteners
NO artificial perfumes
NO latex elastic
NO pthalates
NO chlorine bleach

Easy to use - ideal for potty training, these Bambo Training Pants are easy for your baby to pull up and down. For easy changing, the side seam can also be opened if required.

Recyclable packing - the packaging is made from Low Density Polyethylene. This can be used in the production of further recycled plastic - it known as one of the 'clean plastics'.

Highly effective - Bambo Training Pants are made with the latest technology to create the ideal absorbancy and flexibility to help your baby through Potty Training, the Eco- friendly way!

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